Please read our list below of urology services.



Treatment of various urinary stones with different equipments including doing percutaneous nephrolithotomy,flexible ureteroscopy and semirigid ureteroscopy.


Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility including microscopic surgery for varicoceles as well microscopic testicular sperm extraction in azoospermia cases.


Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction with either medical therapy or surgery. Surgery includes doing various penile prosthesis surgeries.


Managing different male ejaculatory disorders including : premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, anejaculation, painful ejaculation, and bloody ejaculation.


Diagnosis and treatment of benign prostatic enlargement with medication and also performing different minimally invasive surgeries including resection of the prostate with monopolar , bipolar electrosurgical units. Also we perform Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate using high power laser. We also perform laser vaporization using Diode and Green lasers.


Diagnosis and treatment of painful bladder syndrome , chronic pelvic pain in men and women and chronic prostatitis.


Workup and treatment of night bed wetting in children and adolescents.


Diagnosis and treatment of voiding problems in women and children.


Diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary tumors and use of minimally invasive surgery to treat them.


Diagnosis and treatment of impalpable and undescended testicles in children.


Using laparoscopic surgery to treat various urologic conditions including , renal cyst, treatment of congential narrowing between the kidney and ureter and removal of atrophic kidney and also large renal tumors.


Diagnosis and surgical treatment of urethal narrowing or stricture using endoscopy and laser and also doing reconstruction or urethroplasty including use of buccal mucosal graft.


Treatment of urinary incontinence in women using the vaginal tape for stress type and Botox of the bladder wall for urge type of incontinence.


Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections in children, men and women.

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